iRelaunching in Law

One of the most generous people I know – and one of the best resources for unhappy lawyers – is Carol Fishman Cohen, the co-founder (with Vivian Steir Rabin) of iRelaunch.    iRelaunch helps people restart, reconfigure, and reboot their careers after they have taken time off from work, whether it has been one year or 20.   They run a dizzying series of conferences, mentoring circles, and other programs that help people who have been out of the workforce figure out their next steps.

I met Carol while I was figuring out my own career relaunch a few years ago, and read her book “Back on the Career Track.”  After she introduced me to Golden Seeds, the angel investing network where I now serve as the Executive Director, she gave me the chance to speak at an iRelaunch conference about what had become my own successful career revamp.

Lawyers, you won’t be at all surprised to learn, make up a big part of the iRelaunch audience.  Many of them have gone from Big Law to home to Big Law again, but many of them have relaunched in an entirely different direction.  Carol and Vivian tell the stories of many of these lawyers in the “Relaunching in Law” section of their site, which is here.

The Relaunching Lawyers list is a great place to start reading about other lawyers who have taken time off, reconsidered, and rebooted.

What will your relaunch story be?

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