Your Turn: What Do You Want to Know from Ex-Lawyers?


mikeWhat would you really like to ask former lawyers who have gone on to fabulous new careers?  I’m looking for your feedback as I start a new series of posts called the 0.1 Hour Interview.  I will be asking some of the most interesting former lawyers a few key questions, and I’d like you to help me choose those questions.

My hope is that it will take just six minutes, one tenth of a billable hour, for you to read these interviews.  In that time, I hope you’ll learn something useful to your own career upgrade, or at least entertaining.  If we all had more time, I’d love to do something akin to the Proust Questionnaire in Vanity Fair with a different ex-lawyer every month, but alas, we don’t.

In Life After Law, which we are choosing covers for now (very exciting!), you will be able to read profiles of thirty former lawyers and law students.  Every one of these profiles grew out of my interviews with these wonderful, generous folks.  While those interviews varied widely in their content, I usually started by asking people why they went to law school in the first place and what, if anything, they enjoyed about practicing law.  Their answers took us down paths that I found fascinating, and I hope you will too.

For present purposes, however, the plan is to ask short, punchy questions that will lead to helpful information for you all.  Which of the following questions should become part of the template?  Choose as many as you like – and thanks for your help!’


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