Liz Brown


Liz Brown is the author of  Life After Law: Finding Work You Love with the J.D. You Have, published by Bibliomotion.  Liz a former litigation partner at an international law firm.  She graduated from Harvard College and Harvard Law School and has practiced law in San Francisco, London, and Boston, advising senior executives at Fortune 500 companies on legal strategies and managing multi-million dollar cases from inception to successful resolution.  She is the former Executive Director in Boston of Golden Seeds, one of the largest angel investor networks in the United States.  She now teaches business law at Bentley University and is a frequent speaker on alternative law careers.   She lives in Boston with her family, and can be reached at

See Liz speak about Life After Law here:

2 responses to “Liz Brown

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  2. Ana

    Hello. I love the concept. I’m not a lawyer but I am a paralegal turned compliance officer and still not feeling like I’m in the right fit for me. I am currently working on starting a blog/digital magazine for the stylish women over 40 and looking forward to living that passion. I have been enjoying your articles and always look forward to more.

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