Career Consulting

Do you need a little help figuring out whether to leave the law?  I can help. Having spoken with hundreds of former lawyers, I have experience in a wide range of career issues and can help you plan your next steps.

How I Work:  I counsel people on a one-on-one basis, usually by telephone.  My approach to career change is uniquely pragmatic and focuses on the core issues of defining your preferred skills, identifying where you can use those skills, and making the professional connections that will ease your transition and get you more satisfying work.  I work with you directly rather than handing you off to an associate.

In addition to being practical, my consulting work is focused and short term.  More than 90% of my clients have a clear sense of career direction and a workable action plan after three telephone sessions. That said, I am flexible, since everyone’s situation is unique.   When we work together, we find the approach and schedule that is best for you, which can range from telephone consultations to in-person meetings, and from infrequent sessions to regular talks.

I look forward to helping you find work you love, whether in or beyond the legal profession.  Please contact me at to learn more.

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