Life After Law‘s practical advice and inspiring stories of alternative careers for lawyers attracts media attention:

Law360 featured me in “Goodbye to All That: Weary Attorneys Forge Careers Outside BigLaw.”

Slate ran a great story featuring LAL: “I’m a Lawyer. I Hate It. What Now?”

In the Atlantic‘s “The Only Job With an Industry Devoted to Helping People Quit”

As featured in Whitney Johnson’s HBR article, “Disrupt Yourself”

Bloomberg Radio’s Kathleen Hays interviewing me for The Hays Advantage

Discussing alternative careers for law students in ABA Journal Magazine

My CBS Radio interview with Caroline Dowd-Higgins

Life After Law on, “How to Change Careers If You’re a Lawyer

At Above the Law, “Seven Suggestions for Faking It At Work” (my advice for surviving the firm until you make your change)

Career change advice on The Glass Hammer

Life After Law featured in Metro New York (and Philadelphia and Boston)

California Lawyer quotes me in a great piece on unhappy lawyers

This from the wonderful People’s Therapist, Will Meyerhofer

Profiled in Progressive Lawyer‘s article on changing careers more than 10 years out

The podcast of Chelsea Callanan interviewing me for Happy Go Legal

My story and more terrific advice for lawyers in the NJ Star-Ledger’s “Looking for a Career Switch?

Quitting the Law: “How One Law Firm Partner Left the Practice and Lived to Write About It”

“Four Reasons Every Lawyer Should Read Life After Law” on the Happy Go Legal Blog

Here’s the video trailer of me speaking about Life After Law.

I enjoy talking with journalists about alternative careers for lawyers and the legal profession in general.  For all media inquiries, please contact me at

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